Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

"Dresch! Ja fair mekonam!"- a challenge that sounded through the nights of my journey through Afghanistan. But not this "Stop! - Or I´ll shoot!", either in Dari or, as so often earlier this year, shoutet in Hebrew has left it´s mark in my memories of the past year.
Working hard to meet your needs...
It were the people whom I met during my travels. People of so diverse origin and profession. People I met in distant places and at "home", people consumed by anger and hatred and people believing in a bright future without war. Strangers that became true friends, and people who have been part of my past, but whom I havn´t been able to meet again until this year.

It is to all of you out there, that I wish to extend my warmest christmas greetings. Thank you very much for this last year, the time we had together and for all the assistance granted.
Where ever you are this christmas, I hope that you´re in good health and you may enjoy a moment of peace in these troubled times.

I am looking forward to meeting you again somewhere in the near future.

Take care and please light a candle for those who´re not enjoying peace these days and for those who are trying to defend or bring peace to this world of ours.

Yours sincerely, 
Robert W. Kranz